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Teaching Your Kids At Home

Few things are more rewarding as a parent than watching your children learn and grow. Unfortunately, some kids are naturally less interested in education, which can land them in hot water when it comes time to find a job or get into a good college. This blog is all about how to teach your kids at home, and how to create an environment that is conducive to learning and education. By making learning fun and working together as a family, learning can be a fun adventure that your kids will remember forever. Check out this blog for more ideas on improving the quality of your at-home educational environment.

Private Schools And What You Need To Know About Low Class Sizes

What are the benefits of small class sizes? Private schools often have low student-to-teacher ratios. If your child is ready to begin their first educational experience, take a look at the top reasons to choose a school with smaller-sized classes. Increased Attention It's all in the numbers. With less students in the class, your child will get more of the teacher's attention. This means your child will have more opportunities to participate and have their voice heard. Read More 

Have You Decided That Your Child Is Ready For Preschool?

If you have decided that your child is ready to attend preschool, does that mean that you have already chosen a facility for him or for her to attend? Maybe you are still trying to decide on which preschool to select for your child. If that's the case, keep reading for some ideas that might help you. Some of the important words to remember as you look for a great preschool are, Safety, Fun, and Learning. Read More 

Is Your Family Catholic? 3 Benefits Of Sending Your Daughter To An All Girl’s Catholic School

If you are a catholic and have a daughter, you should consider sending her to an all girl's catholic school. There are many benefits of this type of school, three of which are listed below. Less Distractions Boys can be a big distraction to young women, which can affect their studies. There are also a lot of dances at many schools, which can be a distraction. Instead of focusing on boys your daughter will then focus more on their studies and their teachers. Read More 

4 Ways A Private High School Can Serve Your Academically Gifted Child

Students who are considered academically gifted frequently face a few challenges that can put a damper on their educational progress. It is common for talented students to become disinterested in classes or work that neglects to challenge them. They may also struggle socially due to conflicts with their peers or a limited availability of school activities. Here are a few ways that a private high school can properly serve your academically gifted child. Read More 

Tips On Getting Ready For The Private School Interview

When you enroll your child in a private school, one of the standard elements of the admission process is for you, your spouse, and your child to meet with school administrators for an interview. You might be feeling a little anxious about seeing this date approaching on your schedule, given its importance. It's important to be as calm as possible; your nervousness can make your child feel nervous, which could make the interview more difficult than it needs to be. Read More